What's Wrong With This Picture?
 I'm In It!  part 2

After its successful Premiere at The Thirteenth Street Repertory Company.  A revised version of the play, was accepted into, and produced during The 2004 New York International Fringe Festival, and showcased at The Soho Playhouse in New York City. During this run, I got the chance to play Russel, the lead.
So not only did I write the play, and produce the show at the Fringe, I finally  got the chance to play the lead....

This production, directed again by Greg Vorob, featured: David Thomas Crowe as Oscar, Louisa Poster as Beatrice/Yenta, Noelle Pastier as Becky/Joanne, Jiffy Reed as Anita/Rosemary, Gladys Murphy as The Nun/ Shirley, Erika Sumner as Cynthia/Teresa, Cheniqua Carr as Renee, Karen Rousso as Martha, and yours truly, 
Neil Feigeles as Russel. 

Below are more scenes from the production, this time showcasing the entire cast
of characters as seen during The  2004 New York International Fringe Festival.
Not bad for a first time playwright.
I've adapted and written a screenplay for What’s wrong with this picture? I’m in it! and now its just awaiting a wonderful producer to say hi…
For your viewing pleasure here's the
'2004 New York International Fringe Festival' production of What's wrong with this picture? I'm in it! to watch online. It runs aproximately 1 hour long.