Political Commentary, me? Why? I'm an artist, an actor, a graphic designer, and a produced playwright, isn't that enough for one person? I guess my answer to that is no. I'm also an American citizen and a member of the human race. But who was I to spout off my opinions? Why do I think I have anything interesting to say that others might want to read? Aren't there already enough talking heads and already too many blogs without yet another added to the pile? Simply put, with all the craziness I was reading about, all the insanity I was seeing on television and in real life, I simply needed an outlet to say the things I was was thinking to myself. I also had noticed that my once short commentaries on Facebook had been transforming into novellas. 
As they say, my itch to express my political feelings grew way to strong to resist any longer. So when I decided to launch a political blog, I needed to come up with a name for the blog. I've been using the term Neilizms since I was a teen way back in the 1970's. Usually it referred to a word or expression I came up with out of thin air. For example 'I've been surgerized' which was my answer to explaining the scar on my right hand. I had broken it while living in Los Angeles, and had to have an operation repairing my right index finger from inside of my hand. So upon thinking what I should call my commentaries, Neilizms seemed to be the logical choice to call the blog. The blog launched, the rest as they say is history. 
160,000 page views, simply thanks!
Eight years ago in October 2011, I launched my little political
blog because I just couldn’t sit back silently, any longer, watching our nation seemingly going backwards or worse. I was more then thrilled that even 5 people had found my 1st entry. And after the site’s url was shortened to I was stunned to discover in July 2018, the sites page visits had then reached an incredible 100,000 visits! Happily the momentum hasn’t slowed down since. as of Martch 18, 2020, the total views for the blog has now reached an unbelievable 160,211!

So far I've written 396 commentaries since launching Neilizms approximately 8 years ago, and if I do say so myself, so far so good. I'm pretty proud of what I've put out so far for others to read.

Here is a list of the
TOP 15 most viewed neilizms.

Simply thanks
16,619 page views!
On Sunday, May 29, 2016
I wrote a piece trying to explain why the media was so obsessed with Donald and seemingly hated Hillary…
a little over 3 years later, that commentary, keeps finding an audience, and its now been read over 16,500 times!  Seriously wow and thanks!
rereading it now, boy the media blew it big time!

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